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Floating Kindergarten

“Courtyard Kindergarten”, MAD Architect’s project has begun in Beijing. It is located on the site of a traditional siheyuan courtyard dating from 1725 and will be regenerated as the existing building will come in use along with the new building. This courtyard will be encompassed by a floating roof, which will offer a new narrative where the old and new exist in harmony. This rooftop has been visualized as a “place full of magic- a playful escape for the children that is a symbol of freedom and endless imagination.” This roof will have a low, gentle posture that will create a colorful playground for outdoor sports and activities. Beneath the roof will be the kindergarten’s interior that will contain open-concept teaching spaces, a library, small theatre, and a gymnasium. This will have enough space for 400 children, all of whom will get to understand the depth of time and dimension with the positioning of the learning space and the opening towards historical buildings. This is currently under construction with plans to open in autumn 2019.

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