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Today, we answer all questions on transparency, quality and fair pricing.

India is moving ahead at a fast pace and in its journey it is taking small steps towards making its tomorrow brighter. These small steps are leading us to greater empowerment, greater transparency and greater growth. The GST is one such step and we at Stonex are thankful to government for bringing it. It carries a potential of making India a truly ‘one homogeneous market’ and we believe we should do our bit and add momentum to these wheels of change.

What is True Price Tag?

Up till now the consumers had no way of verifying any information that was given to them by companies. From now on all our marble will have a True Price Tag that denotes its price and its grade. For the first time in the world, customers will have answers to all the queries that come to their mind while choosing a marble.

How does it help the customer?

The True Price Tag will bring in transparency. It will not only give the customers a verified source of marble prices and grades but it will also be a tool using which they can evaluate their buying decision. By introducing price tags, we have created a yardstick that will bring 100% transparency in terms of quality, material thickness, pricing, size and uniformity of lot, quantity, texture and nomenclature.

How do we determine the true value of the marble?

We have devised an intelligent pricing mechanism that is based on four quality parameters which are –

  • Colour variations
  • Natural veins pattern
  • Lot size, Thickness and Quantity of Lot
  • Quantum of Filling Required

Every lot is segregated based on homogeneity & consistency of such parameters and then prices are indicated on every such lot that is displayed in Stonex India’s warehouses. From now on Prices of Marble will be decided on quality parameters and not according to customer choice and liking.

How do we keep our prices competitive?

Thanks to our recently opened state of the art facility in Kishangarh, we have increased our production output. Our facility is fully automated which helps us deliver global standards of quality in a time-efficient manner, reducing human intervention and keeping our prices at a competitive level.

How do we ensure quality?

At Stonex, our quality means everything to us. Which is why, each and every marble is precisely cut and calibrated to ensure uniformity. We follow the international standard of thickness which is 18mm* and above instead of the domestic measure. Our marble are finished with top quality epoxy resins that give them better strength and sheen, and makes their maintenance extremely easy.